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Here at Seaside Elderly Day Out Center we specialize in Adult Day Care Services. Providing you with a calm caring environment. Here at Seaside Elderly Day Out Center you will be provided with home cooked meals, socialization, individual and group activities, crafts, projects, cards, bingo, and everything that the individual client has an interest in.

Each person is an individual and we are dedicated to providing services that are focused on these individual needs, allowing us to create achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle and physical abilities. At Seaside Elderly Day Out Center is here to help people who have all different levels of care needs, we will make sure that all your daily living needs are taken care of in an individual nursing care plan that will communicate individual needs to all our staff.

Seaside Eldery Day Out Center is a very special setting allowing clients to meet new people and new friends. We provide a happy, relaxing, fun atmosphere for our clients, we want our clients to feel that Seaside Eldery Day Out Center is their home away from home.

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